Our last work and comming soon games

  • Dec

    Planet Quest 1

    Online scifi adventure game from space. Comming soon.

  • Sep

    Mystery storm above Kolin City

    New online adventure from real city of Kolin in Czech republic.

  • Aug

    Sport adventure in Karvina City

    What about adventure game from sport places in Karvina city? Let's play!

  • Aug

    King Jister 3

    Final beta of 3rd part history online adventure game. New great online engine.

  • 1994

    Old Games

    Few games from old our times. You will maybe need DOSBOX or something.


Developing projects in progress

  • Planet Quest 1
  • Mystery storm above Kolin City
  • Sport adventure in Karvina
  • King Jister 3
  • Planet Quest 2
  • Mystery of new Prague City
  • King Jister 4
  • King Jister 5

We are working on it!